Credentials 简介

Dr. Ran graduated Magna Cum Laude, with honors and with Research Distinction from The Ohio State University. She received an Ivy-League medical education, completing the prestigious MD-PhD dual degree program at Dartmouth College. She went on to Northwestern University for her Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Residency.
She completed her training in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with the President-Elect of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), Dr. Corey S. Maas and world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. David W. Kim.

冉医生在美国获取了医学和生物基因学双博士学位,毕业于常春藤达特茅斯下属医学院。而后在美国西北大学的医学院做住院医隶属面部耳鼻喉头颈外科。住院医期间,她跟随著名的J Reagan Thomas教授做医助。毕业之后进修于美国面部整形医学科学院(AAFPRS)院长(president)Corey S Maas和UCSF下属的Maas Clinic,同时学习于鼻科修复顶尖的David Kim教授旗下。冉医生在进修精进临床知识的同时一直致力于科学研究,在多个方面的学术会议上都有发表文章。

Philosophy 理念

What is considered beautiful can differ drastically between patients. To achieve beauty requires a full understanding of each patient’s features, views, and backgrounds. By knowing the cultural differences between the US and China and how that shapes one’s aesthetic view, Dr. Ran understands that to define and achieve beauty is complex and personal. Her previous love for the arts helps her have the eye to define what is needed to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals.

对于大多数人来说,一个容光焕发的形象是自信的基础。但是美丽的定义对于每个个体都不同,也需要用不同的方式去达到。 冉医生深知中美文化的差异带来两方美学标准的分歧,从而了解到定义和追求美的过程是一个复杂且私人化的过程。她会尊重您的目标应用她的知识和技巧帮助你找到一个适合您的定位并达到您的目标。

Innovative Techniques 创新

Dr. Ran has a strong background in science and research. She embraces new technology and evidence-based approaches to treating patients. She will continue to explore novel technology and techniques to help her patients. She will also participate in clinical research to better understand new surgical techniques, drugs, and devices.

冉医生在科学科研有着丰富的经验,这奠定了她一向追寻新技术的性格和一贯寻求有大数据支持的治疗方案。她将会一直致力与给她的病人带来更新的科技和技术, 将一直走在临床科研的前端。