Subnasale Lip Lift


This is a procedure that reduces the length of the white lip (lip skin that is between the nose and lip) and philtrum to provide a fuller and poutier upper lip.

V-Y Lip Augmentation


This is a procedure with incisions on your lip to permanently alter the shape of your lips.

Injection Lip Augmentation


This is a non-invasive procedure using injectable dermal fillers to augment the lip shape.

Peri-oral Laser Resurfacing


This is a non-invasive procedure to rejuvenate skin around the mouth. It utilizes fractional laser resurfacing to stimulate collagen production in order to smooth out fine lines and to tighten the underlying skin.

At your consultation, Dr. Ran will assess your facial structure and your aesthetic goals to provide a comprehensive plan. We will provide rendered or simulated photos to demonstrate the final goals that you and Dr. Ran discussed.