Follicular Unit Transfer / Extraction


This is a procedure that harvests your own hair where it is densest (often the back of your head) and transplants the follicles to a desired area. This can be used to establish a pre-planned hairline or to other facial areas, such as eyebrows, lashes or a beard.

Hairline Lowering / Forehead Reduction

发际线前置 / 额头缩小手术

This is a procedure aimed at advancing your existing hairline while reducing forehead skin at the same time.

PRP Injection for Hair Restoration


This is a procedure that uses PRP, which is a product derived from your own blood. When PRP is injected, the concentrated growth factors stimulate hair growth.

At your consultation, Dr. Ran will assess your facial structure and your aesthetic goals to provide a comprehensive plan. We will provide rendered or simulated photos to demonstrate the final goals that you and Dr. Ran discussed.