Rhinoplasty 【Cosmetic】


This is a procedure to improve the appearance of your nose. It is a complex surgery that may require various techniques to achieve the final aesthetic goal.*

Rhinoplasty 【Functional】


This is a procedure to correct breathing problems that are caused by structural issues of the nose. The surgery aims to improve function of the nose without affecting the appearance.*

*You may have one surgery that combines both a cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty to improve nasal function and appearance.

Liquid Rhinoplasty


This is a non-invasive procedure using injectable fillers to improve the appearance of your nose.

Alar Base Reduction


This is a minor procedure to reduce and narrow your Alar Base. It can be a stand-alone procedure or a part of a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Premaxillary Augmentation

鼻基底/ 面中塑形

The reason one has premaxillary deficiency may be congenital or aging-related. Augmentation of this area can lead to a more defined midface and lessen the nasolabial fold. This can be achieved by either non-invasive techniques such as dermal fillers, or surgically with facial implants or cartilage grafts.

At your consultation, Dr. Ran will assess your facial structure and your aesthetic goals to provide a comprehensive plan. We will also render standard photos to incorporate and demonstrate the final goals that you and Dr. Ran discussed.